Why SlimPress?

A good starter theme is an essential timesaving tool for WordPress development. However, they tend to suffer from “code bloat” - they come along with a lot of features many sites will never use or need - and virtually no site will use all of them. That’s true for open source DIY boilerplate themes, and especially true for “premium” starter themes . . . which often run so slowly that they are penalized by Google's algorithm to the detriment of their own search engine rankings.

SlimPress strives to separate the essentials from the options. It’s a complete starter theme which leaves aside any features that might not be necessary while preserving the option to easily activate them.

Why Use SlimPress Instead of a Premium Page Builder Theme Like Divi, Elementor, or Avada?

With the new Gutenberg page builder that comes pre-packaged with WordPress, you can enjoy the drag & drop and block editing features of premium themes without the expense, bugs, limitations, and extraneous code which slow down your site and create unexpected layout issues.

Is SlimPress Responsive?

Yes. SlimPress is fully responsive “out of the box” without the need for additional frameworks.

Will SlimPress Automatically Make My WordPress Site Faster?

SlimPress will give you a much better starting point for building a fast site than most other starter themes. It will give you a much, much better starting point for building a fast site than premium themes like Divi and Avada.

Can I Use Frameworks Like Bootstrap With SlimPress?

Yes, if you wish you absolutely can. However, SlimPress utilizes CSS Grid and Flexbox, which unlike Bootstrap do not require any additional code, or force your site to load tons of features you’re not using.

Does SlimPress Work On Older Browsers?

SlimPress works on all modern browsers, as well as Internet Explorer 11.

The responsive sidebars correspond to the left and right widget areas. Simply add whichever widgets you’d like to those areas in the WordPress dashboard. On mobile devices by default the sidebars will stack under the main content area. This is a very flexible feature, especially in conjunction with the custom HTML widgets and/or the CSS Grid.

How Do I Activate SlimPress’s Mobile Navigation Menu?

It’s set to go by default!

How Do I Use the Gulp Workflow? Do I Have to Use It?

  • If you’re not a developer, you can use the optional Gutenberg visual page builder.
  • If you’re new at coding, you can activate and modify the style.css file.
  • If you’re a developer, you can use the included SCSS files, and the Gulp file if you wish.